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The average man works until he is 65, then he is sick with multiple conditions for 10 years, then he dies at 75.  The average woman gets to live another 5 years, to age 80.  We can do better.  Imagine yourself flourishing through your 70s, 80s, and even 90s with good health and great quality of life.  In this session, we share a bbunch of ways that science has cracked the code on aging, and how you have direct control over how well your brain and body age.  

As we age, our muscles shrink and they are replaced with fat.  We get more and more frail with each passing year.  Muscle health is a vitally important factor in our quality and quantity of life.  In this session, we explore surprisingly easy ways to give our muscles the signal to stop shrinking and start growing.  

To live our happiest, we need to get out of the ruts that we can fall into.  Learn how to treat yourself with kindness and sensitivity, so that you can achieve your greatest wellbeing.  Also learn how to identify if you might have addictions, and how to overcome them. 

Heart disease is our leading killer, and it usually gets us by blocking our arteries.  We can keep our arteries healthy, and all the organs that they supply (i.e. our entire body), by living a vascular-friendly life.  Learn the foods, supplements, exercises, and stress relieving behaviors that can keep your arteries and your whole body young.

Sleep is fundamental to our health.  To live our longest and best life, free of dementia, we need our 7-9 hours of nightly natural sleep!  There is a path to better sleep.  We share an approach to determine the problems with your sleep, and how to fix it!

Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes are preventable.  When we reverse our insulin resistance, we can improve our health of our brain and body.  The great news is that we have tremendous control over our metabolic health.  It is not hard to reverse insulin resistance!  

Our brain is our most valuable asset!  The most complex and delicate thing in the known universe, the human brain can decline over the years if we do not take perfect care of it.  The good news - science has determined some powerful ways to keep our brain young and free of Alzheimer's Disease!  The more of these healthy behaviors and superfoods we incorporate into our lives, the lower our risk!

Coming in 2024

Session 8:  Gut Health

Session 9: Superfoods and Amazing Nutrition

Session 10: Immune System Health and Cancer Prevention

What is the Successful Aging Program?

It is a group medical program, with meetings once per month.

Each month, we will cover a new topic. We will meet on Zoom.  

Our plan is to measure everything we can, to ensure progress. We believe that if we can measure it, we can help improve it.

How can this program help me?


As we get older, we lose about 1.5% of our muscle mass each year. It is normal to get weak and frail, but only if we fail to strengthen our bodies with the right kind of exercise. Most exercise authorities, including most physicians, guide people to unproductive or unsustainable exercise, that fails to prevent this muscle wasting. Our science based approach to fitness ensures sustainable gains in strength with minimal injury potential, and minimal time requirement.


The root cause of memory loss is a combination of genetics and lifestyle factors. A large body of science shows that we can slow and even reverse some of the decline in memory of early dementia. We focus on optimized nutrition, smart strength and fitness training, natural sleep, cognitive stimulation, and slowing cellular aging.


We all lose bone mass as we age past our 20s. This trend can be slowed and reversed with a combination of the right strengthening program, 2 simple exercises that have been found to stimulate bone growth, healthy nutrition, and proven medications such as zoledronic acid. Our philosophy is if we can measure it we can improve it. Thus, we use DEXA scanning to ensure our interventions are working.


Through our Cure Diabetes Program and our Heal My High Blood Pressure Program, we revealed a host of foods, exercises, supplements, medications, and modalities that can stop and even reverse the damage done to our blood vessels. The results are not only improved risk of heart attack or stroke, but also greater vitality, immune function, cognitive function, kidney health, and cancer risk.

Our Unique Approach

  • Evidence-based medical science to diagnose and manage your diseases
  • Healthcare Delivery Science to avoid medicalization by replacing excessive drugs and procedures with treating the root cause of disease.
  • Lifestyle Medicine, to treat the root causes of the diseases.
  • Longevity and Health Span Medicine, to deliver therapies that have been found to slow or reverse the aging process itself.

Embrace a Brighter Future with Successful Aging