Successful Aging Overview

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Successful Aging Overview Slides

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  • Do we need to consume Vitamin K2?

Maybe not.  See Dr. Greger's video: The Purported Benefits of Vitamin K2: Should You Take Supplements?

  • What is C reactive protein?

C-Reactive Protein or "high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein" (CRP) is a measure of total body inflammation.  It does correlate with heart attacks and life expectancy.  It is best to have a low or normal level of inflammation and a low or normal CRP.  

  • How can I learn more about coffee?  Which kinds are healthy, which are not?

Lots of interesting emerging science.  I recommend this page.  


Program Overview and Supplements

  • Which supplements can be healthiest? 
  • What is the schedule of the Successful Aging Program in 2023?
  • Feel free to print these pages out and use them as a reminder or for wrapping fish.

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  • How long will you get to live?  Nobody knows. But you can take our survey to see how many advanced longevity behaviors you might be following.  
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  • We hope this will help you appreciate the kinds of things that science has discovered that might influence your life expectancy.