Consulting & Services

Poplar Care is a "high touch" network...

We get deeply involved with our member practices, so that we can provide benchmarking, training, and consultation to ensure financial and clinical success for our practices and optimal health for the lives we touch.

Services Provided:

Population Health Dashboard

Poplar establishes a connection with your EHR to a dashboard that provides you with information about your patients and practice, giving you insights generally not available in an EHR:

  • Alerts for ED and hospital admits and discharges
  • Financials from Medicare claims
  • Analytics and reports to help close gaps in care
  • Panel Sizes by PCP to ensure no provider is overburdened

Connection System

Care management tool that prevents hospitalizations and disease progression, by ensuring patients are seen with an appropriate frequency and no patient slips between the cracks. 

We use a Health Connection Index (HCI) which is assigned to patients based on risk score, biometrics, and lab values. Our system then alerts your clinical staff as to which patients are overdue for appointments. *EHR dependent*

Practice Transformation Support

Central to our efforts at boosting your revenue is to establish a team of care navigators, who assist providers with managing patient health between office visits. 

We assign a Practice Transformation Manager to your practice who works with your team to:

  • Decide which services to implement for your population
    to ensure financial and clinical success
  • Develop and implement quality improvement initiatives
    to improve patient care outcomes and chronic disease
  • Analyze and share data to identify areas for improvement
    and monitor progress over time
  • Be the Poplar point of contact for your team to promote
    shared learning and best practices across the network

Lifestyle Medicine Pathways with Certification

Poplar provides your care team with certification training on how to use our Lifestyle Medicine Pathways, a growing library of treatment plans that can be deployed by your care team to help patients treat their chronic conditions. 

These pathways use therapeutic lifestyle interventions to treat the root cause of disease. We will train your team how to talk the talk of lifestyle medicine!

Chronic Care Management Team & Training

Poplar helps you build your team.  Our CCM Medicare training is designed to improve the lives of patients and physicians.

CCM services are non-face-to-face services provided to Medicare beneficiaries who have two or more chronic conditions.

  • Learn how to enroll a patient into CCM
  • How to submit a bill for CCM
  • Explore ways to incorporate lifestyle medicine into a CCM
    encounter and more...

Lifestyle Medicine / ITLC Group Coaching Programs

We will help your practice stand up Intensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Change programs so you can help your patients adopt and sustain healthy lifestyles.

Our turnkey technological automation solution is easy to implement, it saves you time and money, and it can be customized to fit your specific program needs so you can focus on what really matters: being present with your patients.

Health Coaching

Whether you have an experienced team of health coaches or have no time or resources to build this team, Poplar ensures your practice can deliver highly effective health coaching around the pillars of lifestyle medicine.

Coaching services we offer include:

  • Lifestyle Improvement Group Health Coaching programs that your patients can join throughout the year
  • 1:1 coaching with a board certificed health coach
  • Self-Help coaching
  • Annual health challenge for your patients and your team

HCC Coding Accuracy Review and Support

Medicare and other payers use risk-based methodologies to determine how much they expect our patients to cost. We emphasize helping your practice code accurately in order to achieve the best reimbursement rates possible.

Our ACO REACH partner, On Belay, provides a certified risk coder to review all your Medicare patient charts and communicate directly with your providers to ensure that:

  • You are properly documenting in your clinical notes to justify the diagnoses you render
  • You are not missing any diagnoses that your providers might consider adding

The coder’s mission is to provide this service with minimal disruption to the normal clinical workload of the providers, and they will work hard with you to ensure they establish methods of communication that are minimally burdensome.

Medical Practice Support

Our network offers standardized front office workflow and
procedures, plus associated training, including:

  • Intake forms
  • Consent forms for group programs
  • Lifestyle medicine assessments
  • Voluntary alignment services and forms to get your patients attributed to your practice

We guide you to achieving your practice goals and help you go beyond

Our network of experts work with you on a regular basis to help you achieve your practice goals. Traditional healthcare in the US is a high volume treadmill that performs poorly and leads to provider burnout.  

Our practices are committed to our mission.  We provide a safe place where smart and principled dreamers of healthcare can practice true healing.  

While we continue to use the best medicines and procedures that modern medicine has developed, our goal is to also provide you with the skills and tools that most doctors do not have.

And to top it off, we measure and optimize outcomes in everything that matters to you and the people whose lives we touch.

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