Our Philosophy

Most traditional health care providers wait until diseases fully manifest and then “manage” these diseases until you die. By contrast, we identify, treat, and reverse the underlying factors that are causing you to develop these diseases.

How we are different

Poplar is a movement that is dramatically different from almost everyone else out there in the healthcare world. Here are the many ways we are different.


Skillful at Health

We recognize that good health is a set of skills that can be learned and internalized. We do not have all the answers as to how you can achieve your optimal health, but we bring to bear a deep knowledge of the lifestyle and medical science that is relevant to living our healthiest lives, and a dogged commitment to work with you to discover the ideal path for your health.


Focus on the core principles of Poplar

As opposed to most health systems, we are fully versed in the science that demonstrates that 80% of our diseases and early death are a consequence of 8 underlying lifestyle behaviors: diet, movement, sleep, relationships, substances, breathing, stress, and social determinants.


Relationships Are Central

Poplar recognizes that relationships are central to our health. We seek to strengthen the bonds that connect our patients to the people in their lives (including our practitioners).


Doctor-Patient Friendship

The best way to deliver quality health care is to actually care about our patients. The people at Poplar truly do care. We put ourselves in your shoes. It is natural and encouraged for us to make friendships with our patients.


Real-Life Quality

We measure and optimize outcomes in everything that matters to the people whose lives we touch. By contrast, most health care practitioners monitor vanity quality metrics that measure how closely we are following traditional medical protocols.


Make HEA

Our goal is to deliver “Happily Ever Afters”, by curing people of their diseases and helping them feel better for the rest of their long lives.


Treat and Reverse the Underlying Causes of Disease

Most traditional health care providers wait until diseases fully manifest and then “manage” these diseases until you die. By contrast, we identify, treat, and reverse the underlying factors that are causing you to develop these diseases.


Put Ourselves Out of Business

We literally want to put ourselves out of business by helping the people whose lives we touch live long lives, free of disease and free of the need to see the doctor.


More Tools in Our Toolbox

We use the best medicines and procedures that modern medicine has developed. But we have a set of preventive tools that most doctors do not have, and we reach for those tools first and foremost.


Experimental by Design

Our goal is to crack the code on your unique makeup so we can make a real difference in your life. We collect extensive data in order to discover how to make the healthiest version of yourself.


Checklist Driven

We believe that medicine is more than an art. It is a science that requires high fidelity adherence to best practices, like the airline or construction industry. We strive to implement checklists wherever possible, to ensure nothing is missed.


Safety First

Mistakes or missed opportunities happen in every industry, including healthcare. We are a learning institution, dedicated to improving the systems to maximize patient safety.


Closed Loop

Everything we do is a learning opportunity. We measure way more data than most health systems, so that we can connect every treatment with its outcome.


Eat Our Own (whole foods, plant based) Dogfood

We train our personnel on how they can live their healthiest lives too! We recognize this is a huge win-win that helps our patients as well.


A Purpose-Driven Home for Health Practitioners

Traditional healthcare in the US is a high volume treadmill that performs poorly and leads to provider burnout. Our practices are committed to our mission. We provide a safe place where smart and principled dreamers of healthcare can practice true healing.

Poplar care is the Key

Lifestyle Medicine focuses on the underlying causes of disease. Our network's founding principle is that together, by focusing on these root causes, we can not only transform the health of our patients, but help transform our entire healthcare system for the better.


High fiber, unprocessed foods can heal the body in ways most people have never imagined. Healthy food has the power to undo years of declining health.


Exercise in all its forms is vital to the human body. Some of the most powerful medicine for your brain is physical activity. Moving your body is key to reclaiming your youthful health.


Natural sleep is fundamental to health. Nearly all adults need 7-8 hours of natural, uninterrupted sleep per night to be their best. Healthy sleep habits are among the most powerful skills you can learn.


Human beings are social creatures. Our core needs are not met by electronic screens. Cultivating relationships in your life is akin to giving water to plants.


Our world is full of addicting influences, from gambling to online addictions to unhealthy food, to tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. When we can unplug our minds from the short term thrills in favor of longer term health, we can achieve greater happiness and fulfillment.


Volunteer, learn new skills, engage your mind in complex cognitive work to keep your brain young


Distress can lead us to unhealthy behaviors, which leads to more distress. When you can master your stressors and turn them into exciting challenges, you have won the game of life. Mindfulness and meditation are powerful techniques that can help.

Social Determinants

Our zip code is a more powerful predictor of our health than our genetic code. Personal safety and financial security are vital to our bodily and mental health. Healthy lifestyle skills and healthy social information are vital tools that can lift people up.

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