Gut Health for Successful Aging

Turn Your Gut Into Your Longevity Sidekick

Slide Presentation for Successful Aging - Gut Health

Your gastrointestinal tract runs from your mouth to your - ahem - anus.  It does so much more than digesting food!  It is the location of 80% of your immune cells, so it is thought to be a major coordinator of your immune function.  It is the site of the enteric nervous system, your second largest concentration of nerve cells.  It is also where much of your neurotransmitters are manufactured.  

With so many organs and functions, things in your gut can go south.  An unhealthy gut can result in pain, discomfort, and even cancer.  We will share multiple ways to identify and cure gut discomfort and prevent cancer.

How can we boost our gut health?

The gut bacteria in your colon are responsible for turning dietary fiber into vitamins and hormones called Short Chain Fatty Acids, which your body needs to age well.  In this presentation, we will share how you can keep your gut healthy and happy.  Spoiler Alert: keep the gut bacteria happy and they keep you happy.  Nobody gets hurt.  
So eat your fiber - if you know what's good for you.


Gut Health Packet

This packet describes ways to identify and fix food intolerances, and practices you can follow to keep your gut healthy and free of cancer.

Want to identify and fix food intolerances?  We recommend: log your foods and symptoms in your food diary for a week, then share with your provider.