Brain Health for Successful Aging

You Can Maximize Your Brain Health and Prevent Dementia.

Slide Presentation for Successful Aging - Brain Health

Alzheimer's disease is not our fate, no matter what your genetics are! In this meeting, we will focus on your own cognitive health. Which laboratory values may predict future Alzheimer's? (and how can I get them?) Which lifestyle habits are the most impactful to preserve cognition with age? Which forms of exercise hold the most promise? Which foods and exercises can not only reduce your risk of future dementia, but even measurably improve your memory and IQ right now?

How can we boost our brain now AND treat the root cause of cognitive decline?

Once we get dementia, it is usually too late to improve our cognitive power very much.  The key is to intervene before that stage.  Fortunately, even when our memory problems have progressed to mild cognitive impairment (MCI), we have the power to slow and even reverse cognitive decline.  

Alzheimer's Disease and cognitive decline are 60 to 90% preventable!  Research shows that our nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, and substance use all contribute a great deal to our risk.  By locking in some brain healthy habits, we can lock in a long life of independence, happiness, and clear thinking.


Brain Health Packet

This packet describes ways to slow brain aging and to think more clearly in the moment.  Keep a log of the brain healthy foods and activities you accomplish.  Make a plan to incorporate as many brain healthy practices into your daily life!  That's how we move the needle and keep your brain young as ever!