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You're Invited to Join Dr. Donohue's New Program:
Successful Aging

How well will you live your remaining years on this Earth?

Modern medicine is good at keeping people alive but not necessarily in a healthy and happy state.

Medical science has found a novel approach - to slow the aging process itself, as a means to prevent and reverse diseases, and extend our lifespan.

Our goal is to help you live your best and longest life, free of the many diseases that are limiting so many lives.

The goal of this program is real results. We will provide the most actionable longevity science, world class therapy + coaching to help you make the changes, and the best support to ensure measurable results that are long lasting.

What is the Successful Aging Program?

It is a group medical program, run by Dr. David Donohue, with meetings once per month.

Each month, we will cover a new topic. We will meet on Zoom. The topic will be covered at 2 different meetings. Each month, you can attend either of these 2 meetings.

  • The Second Wednesday of Each Month, From 12 Noon to 1 PM ET
  • The Last Monday of Each Month, From 5 PM to 6 PM ET

Our plan is to measure everything we can, to ensure progress. We believe that if we can measure it, we can help improve it.

This program is rolling admission, and it has no ending. Each month we will cover latest science of relevance to your lifespan and healthspan.

We will bill your health insurance for each group session that you attend. Normal copays and deductibles apply.

In addition to the Zoom sessions, you will be invited to take advantage of a set of services from therapists or coaches, designed to reverse some aspect of the aging process and reverse chronic diseases. These services are detailed below.

How can this program help me?


As we get older, we lose about 1.5% of our muscle mass each year. It is normal to get weak and frail, but only if we fail to strengthen our bodies with the right kind of exercise. Most exercise authorities, including most physicians, guide people to unproductive or unsustainable exercise, that fails to prevent this muscle wasting. Our science based approach to fitness ensures sustainable gains in strength with minimal injury potential, and minimal time requirement.


The root cause of memory loss is a combination of genetics and lifestyle factors. A large body of science shows that we can slow and even reverse some of the decline in memory of early dementia. We focus on optimized nutrition, smart strength and fitness training, natural sleep, cognitive stimulation, and slowing cellular aging.


We all lose bone mass as we age past our 20s. This trend can be slowed and reversed with a combination of the right strengthening program, 2 simple exercises that have been found to stimulate bone growth, healthy nutrition, and proven medications such as zoledronic acid. Our philosophy is if we can measure it we can improve it. Thus, we use DEXA scanning to ensure our interventions are working.


Through our Cure Diabetes Program and our Heal My High Blood Pressure Program, we revealed a host of foods, exercises, supplements, medications, and modalities that can stop and even reverse the damage done to our blood vessels. The results are not only improved risk of heart attack or stroke, but also greater vitality, immune function, cognitive function, kidney health, and cancer risk.

Our Unique Approach

  • Evidence-based medical science to diagnose and manage your diseases
  • Healthcare Delivery Science to avoid medicalization by replacing excessive drugs and procedures with treating the root cause of disease.
  • Lifestyle Medicine, to treat the root causes of the diseases.
  • Longevity and Health Span Medicine, to deliver therapies that have been found to slow or reverse the aging process itself.


Anyone who wants to add a decade or 2 of high quality life onto their lifespan.


Provided you have some medical conditions to address, this program is covered by your health insurance. We worked hard to make these services available and affordable to as many people as possible. “Advanced Longevity Medicine, for the Rest of Us”. Some of the services are only available to people who participate in Chronic Care Management (CCM). Most people insured in Delaware can be covered by CCM.


Our general approach is to:
(1) gather your vital health metrics,
(2) devise a plan for the year, and
(3) execute.

We are here to support you every step of the way.

Every step is optional. You are invited to complete the steps that you think you need, at your own pace.

Strength and Functional Health

Make an appointment our (highly skilled) Exercise Physiologist to assess your functional capabilities and strengths and weaknesses. Work with them over the year, stem the tide of muscle loss, reduce chronic pain, boost your functional status, reduce visceral fat, and strengthen your cognitive power in the process.

This is covered by Chronic Care Management (CCM), if you are able to enroll in CCM.

Wellness Vision

Make an appointment with our (talented, friendly) Health and Wellness Coaches Annie, Karen, or Natalie. Define a clear picture of what YOUR success looks like.

This is covered by Chronic Care Management (CCM), if you are able to enroll in CCM.

Advanced Lab Testing

There are a number of modern lab tests that give meaningful and actionable insights into our deeper health, but are still not commonly used. We couple the testing with a checklist of changes you can choose to make, to improve any issues we might discover.

These tests are usually, but not always covered by insurance. It is unlikely, but possible that you might receive a substantial bill from the laboratory.

Comprehensive Lifestyle Survey

We ask you a set of questions designed to measure the most important determinants of your wellbeing, and we help you find opportunities to achieve big wins through building lifestyle habits.

This is no cost or charge for this service.

Advanced Brain Health

Cognitive decline creeps up on us. By the time dementia has clearly set in, most of the damage is done. We need more sensitive tools to find and fix cognitive decline. Through CogniFit, we offer a free cognitive assessment of 22 brains skills that takes 30-40 minutes. This online test assesses 22 skills in 5 domains, and identifies with greater precision where we are starting to experience cognitive impairment. Importantly, CogniFit offer online brain training, with extensive research supporting its effectiveness.

This is no cost or charge for this service.

Day-to-Day Coaching

Making life-extending changes happen means undoing habits you have built up your whole life, and creating new habits, that you will carry forward for years to come. This is not an easy process. In partnership with HealthSnap, we can enroll eligible patients in Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM), which allows our team of nurse care navigators to help you keep track on your mission.

This is covered if you enrolled in the Remote Physiologic Monitoring and Chronic Care Management programs, available through our partner HealthSnap.

Comprehensive Plan for Successful Aging

Combining all of the above information, and most importantly your own motivations, Dr. Donohue can help you craft a plan for the next 12 months, to really move the dial of your own aging.

This is covered if you attend our Successful Aging Group sessions, and are enrolled in the Remote Physiologic Monitoring and Chronic Care Management programs.

Live your best and longest life, free of the many diseases!