Mental Health for Successful Aging

To Age Successfully, We Need to Live Happier!

Slide Presentation for Successful Aging - Mental Health

Here is the slide deck.

Is a 2-year old calling the shots inside your brain?

Our limbic system is where we have feelings, motivations, and cravings.

Another name we can use for this 2-year old is your "Self".  This Self is at the center of our brain and at the center of our hopes and desires.  But often times, it wants gratification NOW and is not interested in long term wellbeing.  To maintain happiness and wellbeing, we need to have a healthy relationship with our Self.  How can we achieve that??

Your Limbic System (Self) is Listening and Experiencing!

The positive or negative words you use, the smiles you wear, the laughs you emit.  All of these signal to your Self whether to feel happy or sad, satisfied or unsatisfied, excited or stress.  Words matter!

Treat Your Self to What It Really Needs

Our Self may tell us that we want to binge watch a show, but what gets your Self truly happy are healthier behaviors like a nice walk in nature, with friends, while working toward a meaningful goal that helps others.  To align your Self with your longer term wellbeing, we need to get good nutrition, healthy exercise, good sleep, and we need to identify and remove our harmful addictions.  In this session, we explore all these 


Mental Health & Positive Psychology

What are the key ways we can set ourselves for wellbeing and true happiness?  This summarizes many of the key behaviors that can make a difference in our positive or negative outlook on our lives.