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Here's EVERYTHING You Get Access To When You Join the Poplar Care Network in 2025

  • Population Health Dashboard - We establish a connection with your EHR to a dashboard with predictive analytics and data-driven insights for enhancing patient care and driving superior outcomes.
  • Connection System - Care management tool that prevents hospitalization and disease progression, by ensuring patients are seen with an appropriate frequency and no patient slips between the cracks.
  • Practice Transformation Support - Our Practice Transformation Specialists drive clinical improvements, guide strategic transformations, and optimize patient care, all while streamlining your clinic operations.
  • Lifestyle Medicine Pathways with Certification - Poplar provides your care team with certification training on how to use Lifestyle Medicine Pathways that include treatment plans to help patients treat their chronic conditions.
  • Chronic Care Management Team & Training - Lifestyle focused CCM training and a dedicated CCM team. Our services extend beyond face-to-face contact, particularly benefiting Medicare beneficiaries with two or more chronic conditions.
  • LIfestyle Medicine / ITLC Group Programs - We will help your practice stand up Intensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Change programs so you can help your patients adopt and sustain healthy lifestyles.
  • Lifestyle Medicine Assistant - A wizard and chatbot that can deliver lifestyle assessments, focused education, and SMART Goal coaching automatically.
  • HCC Coding Accuracy Review & Support - Empower your practice with our advanced technology that identifies missed coding opportunities and our ACO partner's certified risk coder, ensuring accurate coding for optimized reimbursement rates.
  • Financial Success - Revolutionize your practice with Poplar's suite of tools, boosting financial growth and promoting lifestyle medicine for an all-encompassing approach to patient health and profitability.

Poplar Network Case Study

Flora Medical Clinic: Where Lifestyle Medicine Meets Value-Based Care

Dr. Bharati Kolte
Flora Medical Clinic

Dr. Bharati Kolte's Flora Medical Clinic is a breath of fresh air in the world of healthcare. This isn't your everyday medical clinic treating diseases as they appear; it's more like a wellness hub guiding adults to healthier and happier lives.

At the heart of this unique clinic is the belief that good health should not be just about treating diseases but reversing and preventing them. So, how do they do it?

It's a savvy blend of internal medicine, lifestyle medicine, and whole-food plant-based diet therapy aimed at preventing and reversing chronic ailments.

Thinking outside the box is what sets Flora Medical Clinic apart. Partnering up with Poplar Care Network has put Flora Medical Clinic into the future of healthcare – where lifestyle medicine meets value-based contracting. Just in the first year, this clever approach chalked up an impressive $1.1 million in shared savings, for just 200 Medicare patients.

In addition to their shared savings, this clinic ranked top in their ACO for Emergency Room Visits, SNF Admissions, Hospice Expenditures, and second-highest in Inpatient Admissions. This isn't just about bottom lines and business models – it's about people, health, and sustainability.

And when they utter the word ‘care,' they really mean it. Annual check-ups at Flora Medical Clinic are anything but routine. Patients get a full dose of knowledge about the pillars of lifestyle medicine and an audit of their daily health habits. They learn firsthand how their sleep patterns, physical activity, and diet contribute to their health and how they can be improved.

Health programs that extend beyond the clinic's walls are also offered. These innovative initiatives serve diverse needs – from diabetes reversal, improving bone health, successful aging, and cooking classes. Physical activity is promoted with a weekly Pole Walking Group. Knowledge, understanding, community, empowerment – Flora Medical Clinic embodies working together for better health.

The Flora team knows that care goes beyond medical treatments – they understand that healthcare includes healthy food access. Enter Flora's Whole Plantry, a lifeline for low-income patients that distributes nourishing whole foods, from beans to fresh veggies.

Sitting at the crossroads of traditional medicine, lifestyle therapy, value-based care, and whole-food plant-based dietary therapy, Flora Medical Clinic redefines healthcare. Their focus on wellness, holistic, and sustainable patient-centered values speaks volumes about their success. This isn't just an innovative healthcare delivery model; it's an inspiring new dawn in the world of healthcare.

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